You're still on my mind ~> Fa****

I don't know what to say
You are still in my mind
Just impossible to forget you
Never had such feelings before
Before I met you my life
was full of pain
The time we spend together
Was full of fun
I felt so good, never wanted it to stop...
But now, you're away
Impossible for me to catch
Now I don't know
Who I want me to catch if I fall
So please, just let me fall
I just can't get you
out of my mind
Even if I force myself
To understand you don't love me...
Cause you never loved me
And you never will
And I have to understand...
I have to suffer
Even if I don't want to show you
Always pretending to understand
Your feelings
But actually always busy
By holding back my tears
And my pleading that you love me...
I'm living in my own world
In a world out of broken hearts
And black all around
Without any lights...
Inside of my it's so damn cold
Don't know how to live
Without you...
I have learn how to ignore my feelings
Have to detract myself from you
Aren't allowed to waste my thoughts on you
But I can't stop thinking about you...
Cause I still love you!!

But you don't love me...

20.1.08 14:14

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